Valence Industries Limited

Manufacturing Our New Carbon Future

Valence Industries Limited (ASX : VXL) is an industrial manufacturing company producing high grade flake graphite products for distribution and sale to global markets. Valence Industries owns established processing facilities and infrastructure to manufacture a wide range of graphite product lines for multiple applications and multiple industries.

Valence Industries produces and sells its graphite products from its Uley Graphite facilities in regional South Australia for delivery to diversified markets for graphite in the Asia Pacific, Europe and North America.

Graphite Product Ranges

Valence Industries is a vertically integrated manufacturer of specialist graphite product ranges. Valence Industries branded products are designed to meet current and future customer demand.

If you have an inquiry relating to the purchase of graphite please contact our commercialisation and sales division or select from one of our specialist graphite product lines below.

VXL PowerCarbon™
Graphite for Mobile Energy
Batteries & Other Mobile Energy
VXL StratGraph™
Engineering New Carbon Futures
Engineering Materials
VXL CarbonPlus Carbon Additives & Polymers
VXL HEATPRO GRAPHITE™ Hot Metal Forming & Refractories
VXL GraffTEX™ Electronics & Medical & Graphene Applications

A globally recognised graphite pioneer since 1880, Valence Industries remains a leader in the graphite space and is Australia’s only graphite manufacturer, supplying Asia Pacific, European and North American customers.

Valence Industries Limited Investors (ASX:VXL)

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